Bearded Dragon Care requires time and careful attention, just like taking care of cats or dogs. A bearded dragon is a dinosaur-looking reptile with fascinating skin patterns, colors and spiny scales. Also called Beardies, this unique pet originally comes from Australia.

Taking care of your bearded dragon care is essential to keep them in good health.

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– he needs lots of attention and space.

Some of use can be really activ and like to run around all day long. So it’s important that we have lots of space. Others like to chill more often and snack on worms. That’s why it’s important that you give us enough attention and look out for our needs to stay healthy and happy.



Naturally, you always want your pet to be happy and healthy. So, you must monitor their health. They can be healthy if they are active, alert, and free from puss or swelling. Make sure they don’t have swollen joints or mouth and unusual fluid around their mouth or eyes.

It is also essential to determine any sign of illness on your beloved pet. Some health issues include paralysis, impaction, mouth rot, metabolic bone disease, diarrhea, respiratory infection, and dehydration.

If you observe that they suffer from symptoms of any of these illnesses, immediately seek the advice of a professional vet


The best way to give your Beardie a bath is by using a container where they can’t escape easily. It can be a mini-tub and fill it with shallow water.

bearded dragon bath
They’re really good in climbing, so it’s important to have a higher container
Make sure that the water is not higher than the dragon’s legs joints that meet his body. It is also essential that the water has the right temperature of about 85 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

They can soak about 10-30 minutes. In addition, you must also condition the water. You can avail of water conditioners in stores. You must not use soap and other cleaning agents that can irritate their skin.

You can use a cup to pour water on the back of your bearded dragon. If your pet is shedding skin, you can help him to remove old skin. You can dry off your pet and warm him up. You can bring him back in his habitat to warm up.


Just like other animals, your bearded dragon also needs fun activities to keep them happy and healthy.

  • Take him for a walk: To prevent your pet from boredom, take him outside and go for a walk. You can use a special leash to take him a walk along the beach or local park.
  • Take your dragon for a swim: You may not know it, but your bearded dragon loves to play around water. It also helps them to stay hydrated while having fun.
  • Provide them with a ball: Although they can’t play with a ball similar to dogs, it is a nice idea to give them small ping pong ball or bouncy rubber ball.

With these activities, they can be happy and active, preventing boredom, which can make them feel sad or alone.

bearded dragon activities
Beardies really love to run around the house. Just make sure to keep an eye on them


Your Beardies is considered as ectotherms. They need a cooler area and source of heat to stay comfortable. So, you must be responsible for the lighting and heating of your dragon’s habitat. Make sure to give them a comfortable and clean area where they can live conveniently.

With that, you have the assurance that they can stay healthy and provide you with an amazing companion that you deserve.


You must also feed your bearded dragon with the right foods to keep him/her happy and healthy. You must give them water, especially during hot weather. You can give them a complete diet, including a combination of worms and insects. You can also offer them with greens and vegetables.

Meanwhile, you must not feed them with avocado, lettuce, citrus fruits, wild-caught insects, rhubarb, and spinach. You can also give them supplements for additional nutrients. Use commercial bearded dragon food. You can seek the advice of professional vet for their proper nutrition.

What Things Must Be Considered When You Get One

Do you plan to get your first bearded dragon? Then, you must consider the following tips to provide the best bearded dragon care:

bearded dragon care
You have to be sure that you can provide them the best care.


If you want to acquire your first bearded dragon, you must be ready about the future expenses for your pet, including their food, housing as well as healthcare. Setting up the habitat of your beard dragon needs maintenance costs like lighting replacements and substrate.

You must have enough budget for the future costs to keep your pet safe, secure, and healthy. With this, you will not have problems in the future while taking care of your extraordinary pet.


Among the important things to consider before acquiring your first bearded dragon is time. You must have enough time to provide your pet with comprehensive care to keep them healthy and happy.

You must have time for the maintenance of their habitat, bathing time, feeding, taking it for walks, and more. You must devote time to them if you want to keep them healthy. Just like humans, bearded dragons also need proper care and love for their health and happiness.


A bearded dragon requires a habitat that can make them feel comfortable all the time. Well, you must provide them with housing space to keep them safe and healthy. The average size of the space is about a 125-gallon tank. Your home must accommodate this space for your pet’s comfortable habitat.

Best Bearded Dragon Care

By considering these factors, you are now ready to take care of your first bearded dragon. With this, you can have a unique pet that can serve as your company when everybody is busy.

The time, effort, and money you invest for your bearded dragon can give you a big and satisfying return for your pet needs. Get your bearded dragon and shower it with love and care to keep them happy and healthy.

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