Fruits are one of the most recommended food for a bearded dragon. Different kinds of fruits will give them the essential nutrients and minerals that they need to support their continuous growth. Also, these fruits will help prolong their life. Given this, if you have a bearded dragon as your pet, here is a brief guide that you must follow when feeding it.

In this way, you can guarantee that your bearded dragon will receive sufficient food support that can make them healthy and good-looking all the time.

Why Fruits for Bearded Dragons?

The bearded dragon is an omnivore, which means they both eat meat and plants. But in these two, fruits are way better than meat. Here are the reasons why.

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– she loves to munch on pieces of watermelon.

Not every Beardie likes to eat the same fruit. You have to test it and see what we like. Just make sure it doesn’t contain too much sugar. Otherwise we can’t keep our beach bodies. Also make sure, that the fruits having room temperature. We don’t like it too cold.


Positive Aspects

  • Fruits are nutritious: To support their continuous growth, bearded dragons need something that is packed with nutritious elements. Their body needs vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and other elements to guide their healthy growth along the way. These elements can be found in fruits, which they must consume almost daily. Meat may also contain other elements that they need, but fruits are way more abundant and better.
  • Fruits are safer: Eating meat, such as crickets, worms, flies, and others is not that safe. These insects that they mostly eat may have complications or diseases which can be transferred to them, affecting their health and, worse, lead them to death.
  • Fruits are easy to find: Bearded dragons must be supported with abundant food, and if you are looking for the meat of insects that they commonly eat, it can be way harder and time-consuming. But with fruits, it is easy. Fruits that they can eat can be available either in the kitchen or backyard garden. Aside from that, it is guaranteed fresh.

Negative Aspect

  • Some fruits can be expensive: A lot of pet owners say that if you want the best for your pet, you are going to spend a lot to support it, especially in terms of its food. In feeding a bearded dragon, some fruits can be expensive for a meal. Some can be found only at the supermarket, which requires you to spend not just money, but also time and effort.

That’s all for the reasons why choose fruits over other food for your bearded dragon. Now, let us move forward to the fruits that are guaranteed to be good for their diet.

Fruits Good for Their Diet

To keep your bearded dragons healthy and away from any illness, certain fruits are good and recommended for them to consume. These fruits can work well with vegetables and meat that are also needed in a bearded dragon’s diet. Here are some of those:

One healthy fruit for bearded dragons are papayas
Papayas are perfect for your bearded dragon to loose weight


Bearded dragons can munch papayas easily as long as it is ripe and juicy. The sweetness of this fruit can make your bearded dragon dance to happiness. Also, this fruit contains essential minerals that are good for the health of your bearded dragon. Just give your bearded dragon a little portion and let it munch the papaya off.


This is another recommended fruit for your bearded dragon. With the juiciness and sweetness of this fruit, it can eventually excite your pet. Also, it has a lot of nutrients that are needed by the body of your bearded dragon. Just make sure that you remove the seeds before giving it to your bearded dragon.


Pear is another excellent fruit for the diet of your bearded dragon. It is lightweight and has the nutrients needed to support the diet of your pet. It is good for keeping your bearded hydrated with the water content it has. With the amount of water provided by the pear it can keep your bearded dragon moisturized and away from heatstroke.

These are only some of the recommended fruits for the diet of your bearded dragons. There are still a lot more that can help you make your bearded dragon healthy and away from any kind of sickness. Together with other essential food that they need, it is not impossible to prolong the life of your bearded dragon.

Best Fruits for Them

If we have fruits best for our diet, we also have the best fruits they need to consume. These fruits are not only good for their diet but also for their overall growth, which must be considered all the time. Given this, here are the best fruits that you must provide to your bearded dragons.

best bearded dragon fruits


If an apple a day can keep the doctor away for the human, an apple can also keep the veterinarian away from your bearded dragons. Apple is a power fruit known for its rich nutrients and minerals that can be transferred to the body of your bearded dragon. This fruit is known for its juiciness, undeniable flavor, sweet scent, and nutrients. It is best to give an apple to your bearded dragons as a snack. Cut it into little pieces that they can munch as they enjoy the view of their vivarium.


Grapes may not be advisable for other animals, such as dogs, to consume. However, this fruit will do good to your bearded dragon. This fruit is packed with minerals and enzymes that greatly support eh growth of your bearded dragons. Aside from that, bearded dragons love the taste of this fruit as well as its scent.


Another healthy snack that you can give to your bearded dragon are raspberries. This fruit is filled with different minerals and nutrients that will do great in supporting your pet’s continuous growth. This fruit can be given to your bearded dragons during day time as their snack. Cut it into little pieces or leave it whole, depending on the size of your bearded dragon.


By simply considering the fruits mentioned above for your bearded dragons, keeping them healthy and cheerful is not impossible. Make sure to follow every instruction and also don’t forget to give them clean water. All of these, once considered, will guarantee that your bearded dragon will be in good condition all the time, as well as it can prolong the bearded dragon’s life.

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