Your bearded dragon is running around and you don’t know why? Don’t worry, you are not the only owner asking yourself this question. This is a common behavior that can be seen in beardies that are kept in a terrarium.

The main reason for this behavior is mainly stress or species-specific husbandry. Other reasons can be parasites or that your bearded dragon has seen hostile species like birds. If you have a very hungry bearded dragon (like our Sandy) and he sees live food like hornworms this can also be the cause. In some cases the own reflection or other bearded dragons in sight can be the reason for that.

Reasons For Bearded Dragons Running Around

As mentioned in the beginning, there can be many different reasons for such behavior in bearded dragons. The most common ones are described below. How you can calm your bearded dragon you will find at the end of the article.

Wrong Housing

If the terrarium is too small or there are too many bearded dragons in it and they can’t get out of the way due to poor structuring, it may be that your Beardie is looking for a way out. But also insufficient lighting can be the reason. For example, if your bearded dragon sees that there is more light outside the terrarium, it can also be that it wants to go there.

As you can see there are many different possibilities for the behavior due to the housing conditions. Therefore it is important that your Beardie has enough space and can move freely inside the terrarium. It is also important that there are areas that are very well lighted, but also possibilities to hide in the dark to avoid unnecessary stress for your pet. If you need more information on what to look for in housing, you can read our Bearded Dragon Housing Guide.


Another common reason are parasites which can be very discomforting for your bearded dragon. In order to check this you should try to see if you can spot anything on them. Otherwise you can try to get rid of them with a lukewarm bath. If this does not work and your bearded dragon is visibly suffering you should consult a vet.

How To Calm your Bearded Dragon Down

Bearded dragons are very sensitive to stress. Especially for new owners or young Beardies a wrong handling can lead to a lot of stress. Since each reptile is different, you must first try out what helps best. Often it helps to start with housing and make your bearded dragon as comfortable as possible. This means enough space to run around, places to hide or climb and sufficient lighting.

If your bearded dragon is running around like crazy it can also make sense to take it out of the tank and let it run around on the floor (provided there are no dangers for your bearded dragon inside the room). Thereby you can often already see what the problem was and if your pet crawls into a dark place, stands in the sun or maybe even has to poop. In case you are not able to calm down your beardie it makes sense to visit a vet and ask for professional advice.

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